Know more about Hepatitis E
24 - Jul - 2017 19:00:30
  • Hepatitis E is a liver disease caused by infection with a virus known as hepatitis E virus (HEV).


  • Every year, there are an estimated 20 million HEV infections worldwide, leading to an estimated 3.3 million symptomatic cases of hepatitis E(1), and 56 600 hepatitis E-related deaths (2).


  • WHO estimates that hepatitis E caused approximately 44 000 deaths in 2015 (accounting for 3.3% of the mortality due to viral hepatitis).


  • The virus is transmitted via the faecal-oral route, principally via contaminated water.


  • Hepatitis E is found worldwide, but the prevalence is highest in East and South Asia.


  • A vaccine to prevent hepatitis E virus infection has been developed and is licensed in China, but is not yet available elsewhere.
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