Varying food stuff prices…
14 - Nov - 2016 22:21:08
  • You can get a big size of watermelon in Imo state for N150 but in Lagos state, you would need double of that amount and you might not even get the same size.


  •  I was shocked to know that a sizeable pineapple in Minna goes for as high as N400. While in Lagos, one can legitimately haggle with the seller for N250


  • A rich pot of vegetable soup in Lagos is said to be for the well to do or the middle class  because the amount of money spent on vegetables plus the orisirisi alone is quite a lot but in rural villages in the East, a poor farmer can afford to cook the same vegetable soup plus the orisirisi and almost feed an entire community


  •  In the North, a pile of 5 tubers of yam can be sold for as cheap as N500 but in Lagos you would be lucky to get a sizeable tuber for that price!




Photo provided by Ben Amodu


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